The self-service store of Amazon has been slipping

Journalists The Wall Street Journal claim that a super modern Amazon store called Amazon Go, will not run on time. The start of the facility was delayed by technical problems.

For several months, Amazon has been working on the Amazon Go self-service project, which looks very different from the retail outlets we currently do shopping for. First of all because there will be no employees there. Every product put into the basket is to be automatically scanned, and at the exit of the customer’s credit card will be charged the appropriate amount.

Amazon has been testing the store for some time with its own employees, but in the near future it wants to launch it for all its customers. However, the future may be a bit distant in time, because, according to the Wall Street Journal journalists, the opening of Amazon Go may be delayed.

The store was supposed to be launched this week but this will not happen. The service system is not ready and its equipment can not handle more than 20 clients at the same time. In case of more people the computer system freezes. The problem is quite serious and requires a solution, and these will certainly not be easy.

Patsy Freeman

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