Problems with manned SpaceX and Boeing capsules

The Government Accountability Office believes that NASA’s first manned space capsule will fly into space as early as 2019. SpaceX and Boeing are working on them, because they have plenty of work to do.

Some time ago, NASA decided that it was time to become independent of the Russians, providing American astronauts on the ISS, and set up a program to create new manned capsules. Contracts for this project have been won by SpaceX and Boeing, but they are not doing their job best,

Initially it was planned that the new spacecraft would be ready as early as 2017, but it soon became apparent that technical problems would prevent it from being built in time, so the first manned flight was postponed to 2018. It seems, however, that this term also can not be met.

According to a recent report prepared by the Government Accountability Office, the federal agency that runs Congress for audits of various types of projects. The report finds many problems that can seriously delay the start of new capsules. There are many challenges with both companies’ projects and technical issues with which Boeing engineers and SpaceX have to cope. The RBO suggests NASA to prepare an emergency plan that will provide astronauts on board the International Space Station after 2018.

Currently, NASA uses the courtesy of the Russians who donate Soyuz rockets. But it is very expensive cooperation, because Americans pay $ 80 million for one place. When Boeing and SpaceX created their own capsules, the agency wanted to save money. Unfortunately, the SpaceX and CST-100 Starliner, built by Boeing engineers, are not up yet.

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It can not be ruled out that their first manned flight will take place in 2019 at the earliest. NASA has already prepared for a possible delay by purchasing additional space for Russians in 2018, but may have to buy another three more for a scheduled flight in early 2019.

Patsy Freeman

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