Portable 3D printer for the construction of inexpensive homes

Apis Cor has unveiled a new model of a portable 3D printer. This device is not intended for small objects, but for the construction of small homes up to 38 square meters.

In a few years no one will ever need traditional construction teams to build a home, as their work will take over 3D printers. Such devices already exist and are growing more and more, and their latest generations are very useful.

Such a printer was presented by Apis Cor, a company specialized in the production of this type of device, which it created with the developer PIK. The new device is a portable printer designed for the construction of small homes of 38 square meters. The printer measures 3.1 m in height, 5 m in length and weighs 1.8 tons, so it is delivered to the construction site with a truck like other heavy construction equipment.

The first prototype of the printed house was made in December last year and was made in Russia. Construction takes about 24 hours, and the process itself is quite simple. The machine looks like a small crane equipped with nozzles, which layer overlays the cement, creating a coherent structure.

Naturally, the printer will not do the whole house, but only its basic design. Roof, wall insulation, windows and other elements must be added by people.

Patsy Freeman

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