SyncPhone is the latest smartphone with Windows 10

Microsoft has long been encouraging other smartphones to produce Windows-based smartphones, and has just managed to get another partner to support it. It has been called Nurve Technologies, which has shown its latest family of mobile devices named SyncPhone.

Under the name SyncPhone there is an entire product line, consisting of three models of varied technical specifications that combine the common denominator, namely the Windows 10 platform. The new product line will include SyncPhone, SyncPhone S and SyncPhone Pro, all of which feature a 5.4 “touch screen, as well as Intel Atom processors, with SyncPhone’s Intel Atom X5 X8300 1.84 GHz, SyncPhone S we have the Intel Atom X5 Z8500 2.24 GHz, while the SyncPhone Pro found the Intel Atom x7 Z8700 2.4 GHz.

Smartphones also differ in the amount of available RAM and flash, which are 2 GB / 32 GB, 4 GB / 64 GB, and 8 GB / 128 GB, respectively, as well as cameras that have 8 Mpix, 12 Mpix 20 Mpix.

However, the most interesting is the issue of the operating system, because in spite of appearances it will not be Windows 10 Mobile, but desktop version of Windows 10. In other words, the SyncPhone family is a pocket PC that offers full home PC functionality.

And they are not expensive devices at the same time. For SyncPhone we pay $ 199, SyncPhone S costs $ 299, while SyncPhone Pro costs $ 499. Products will be available for sale in February next year, and more information will be available at -the-world-s-most-versatile-smartphone # / Indiegogo, where funds are collected for their production.…

Speed ​​record speed again delayed

The British team planning to break the speed record on land again has problems. An attempt to beat him with a vehicle called Bloodhound was once again postponed. This time it was moved to summer next year.

The British Bloodhound SSC, whose goal is to break the speed record on land, has again problems that have caused a further shift in the date of the event. Despite the injection of money from the Chinese corporation, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group still has insufficient funds to carry out the test.

Team leader Richard Noble explained that the team is still waiting for a transfer from a global IT and fashion brand. Funds are needed to increase the power of the engine, as it turned out that the weight of the vehicle is much larger than originally assumed. The vehicle called Bloodhound is powered by the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine, which should accelerate to 1228 km / h.…

How to create the most popular tablet in the world

On the Internet, a video showing the different stages of Apple’s tablet production at the Foxconn Chinese factory was published. According to the opinion of the Western media, it treats staff critically but still thousands of Chinese dream of working on Apple devices.

The day at Foxconn’s factory lasts 11 hours and is usually monotonous, as regular employees are assigned to repetitive and monotonous tasks. However, for such work, you get a payoff of US $ 14.00 per day (add that a few years ago it was two times less). Therefore, to Shenzhen in southern China, thousands of young people are attracted to work on the iPad and other devices ordered by Foxconn by many well-known companies. The employer provides a place to sleep, as well as entertainment, such as sports fields. Already in Shenzhen alone, about 250,000 people are employed.

The iPad folding process begins with a machine pin to the motherboard of the special stapler device, which allows it to be replaced if something goes wrong during the test. Next, the disc and other components of the iPad are mounted by an employee in a casing. Interestingly, the battery is pressed into the device by a special press, but the display is assembled manually. Semi-automatic testing is also carried out on each device that is supposed to hit the store. The operation of the gyroscope is checked in a special machine, while the screen tests people.…

Backpacks for carbon fiber travelers

Traveling around the world is a cool thing to do, but before we become globetrotters and begin to explore the world, first we have to take care of a spacious, comfortable and above all a lightweight backpack to carry our belongings. Kuiu has developed two models of such backpacks, which can make future travelers very much enjoy.

Large backpacks require a rack that reinforces their design and increases the payload, allowing you to pack more items in. However, if we are planning a multi-meter walk, we should remember that the rack weighs and increases the weight of the entire backpack.

But we will not have to worry about it when we buy Ultra or Icon, one of the two latest backpacks of the well-known Kuiu brand of trapezoidal equipment for which we load up to 68 kg of equipment. Both backpacks are ultra light, and the low weight key is carbon fiber, which is made up of a rack that weighs just 298 grams. The back cover is a 500D Cordura material that is waterproof and extremely durable.

The backpack is of course fully personalized, so you can easily swap pockets in it, allowing you to turn it from a backpack into a daily use, into luggage for long distance trips. Equipped with adjustable strap system for better weight distribution, which improves comfort. Backpacks do not come in contact with the middle part of our back, resting on the shoulders, hips and lower back. This ensures airflow and the backpack does not slide down.…

Daimler announces six electric cars

German Daimler wants to challenge America’s Tesla. The company is currently working on at least six electric vehicles, and it can not be excluded that the number will increase to nine. They will enter the market in 2018-2024.

More and more countries are planning to introduce new restrictions on the use of cars with internal combustion engines, so vehicle manufacturers are already trying to adapt their offerings by announcing new models powered by electric current. One of the companies that will introduce several such cars in the coming years is German Daimler, owner of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Sources say the company is currently working on at least six electric models, and it can not be excluded that the number will increase to nine. Exact technical details are not known, but unofficially speaking two sedans and two SUVs. Journalists claim that Mercedes will focus primarily on SUVs and crossovers, the two most popular types of vehicles, but will also prepare several compact and sedans.

Leaks suggest at least one SUV with plug-in hybrids powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Batteries are enough to drive a distance of 48 km on electric motors, and when exhausted, the vehicle switches to a hydrogen-powered combustion engine.

New vehicles are expected to hit stores in 2018-2024.…

New Nigerian scam technician

Specialists from SecureWorks have discovered a new method of phishing. Specialized Nigerian scam technicians are primarily used to attack companies. According to experts, each year brings criminals at least $ 3 million profit.

Many of the dangers lurking on the net for personal computer users are coming from Nigeria. Experts from SecureWorks have uncovered a new method used by their scammers, which brings them big profits. A 30-person group of cybercriminals earns about $ 3 million a year on this service. At least she was earning money until one of her high-ranking members had fallen victim to his own malware, which allowed him to track down.

Joe Stewart and James Bettke, experts at SecureWorks, have been watching the new technology since February this year when they discovered a keylogger that sent unsecured data to an open network server. Several months of observation have allowed them to see how criminals record typed characters and make screenshots of their victims’ screens.

This was possible because one of the members of the group accidentally installed the malware on their own computer. In this way, experts acquired the identity of those involved in the crime and also had insight into the amounts transferred and the names of the companies robbed.

Criminals’ activities differed slightly from traditional email phishing, which is used to impersonate legitimate contractors and to extort money. Fraudsters first collect public email addresses of businesses, and then infect their computers with malware. Once they had access to them, they looked at the mailboxes, identifying the customers or vendors with whom the affected company kept the contacts. They then intercepted emails by altering the data they posted on their own, and instead of the provider, the money was sent to the criminals’ accounts.…

Samsung Galaxy A7 hit the FCC

The Korean giant is preparing to launch three brand-new smartphones belonging to the Galaxy A family. The first two designs, namely A3 and A5, are already well known, but the third one, A7, has remained a mystery to date. We just got to know its technical details, because the product was already in the FCC.

The Federal Communications Commission, which certifies all devices equipped with wireless connectivity, has already got the latest product from the Korean giant, the Samsung Galaxy A7 (SM-A700). With this in mind, we learned more about the technical specifications and dimensions of the most powerful representative of the new smartphone family Samsung is planning to launch next year.

The previous two members have already been officially presented to the world, so well known for their technical specifications. The third so far has been very little known, but this has changed. The FCC has revealed that the smartphone, labeled SM-A700, has LTE connectivity and an NFC chip to facilitate pairing with mobile speakers, which may also be used for other purposes.

The product housing is 150 mm long and 75 mm wide, and the dimensions are so large that the device has a 5.2 inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. From the documents presented by the FCC we also find out that the Galaxy A7 has a 64-bit Snapdragon 615, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of usable memory for user files.

We also know that its main camera has 12 megapixels, while the case is similar to the rest of the family, made of metal.

As you can see, the Galaxy A7 has a pretty decent technical specification, though it is not a flag model of course. The device is expected to launch a new line of products that will have much more interesting design and better content than previous Samsung smartphones.…

Huawei has created a battery with a quick charge feature

The key element of many devices is the battery that ensures their operation. Most modern batteries are charged very long, so sometimes the unit is not usable for several hours. Huawei has, however, unveiled a new battery in which the charging time was significantly shortened.

The Chinese consortium boasted a significant breakthrough in this field, and during its Japan-held Battery Symposium, it announced that it had succeeded in creating a new type of rechargeable battery that takes up to 10 times less battery life than the batteries currently available on the market. On the other hand, charging up to 50 percent of capacity takes only a few minutes.

Huawei showed two prototypes of new batteries there. The first of them has a capacity of 3000 mAh, which up to 48% of the capacity is charged in 5 minutes. The second one is 600 mAh, and after two minutes it has 68 percent capacity.

If the batteries are on the market and will arrive at new smartphones, the first one, by plugging it into the charger for just five minutes, will receive an additional 10 hours of talk time. Although the battery is not as powerful to operate for several days, but significantly shorter charging time, it will improve the functionality of the new phone models. Just for a few minutes to connect to an electrical outlet, for example, in a cafe and we can continue to use the phone for many hours.

Huawei’s idea is not the only battery-charging technology. On the market are Quick Charge 3.0 system developed by Qualcomma, and USB Type C connector allows you to charge batteries much faster than the standard microUSB input.…