New Nigerian scam technician

Specialists from SecureWorks have discovered a new method of phishing. Specialized Nigerian scam technicians are primarily used to attack companies. According to experts, each year brings criminals at least $ 3 million profit.

Many of the dangers lurking on the net for personal computer users are coming from Nigeria. Experts from SecureWorks have uncovered a new method used by their scammers, which brings them big profits. A 30-person group of cybercriminals earns about $ 3 million a year on this service. At least she was earning money until one of her high-ranking members had fallen victim to his own malware, which allowed him to track down.

Joe Stewart and James Bettke, experts at SecureWorks, have been watching the new technology since February this year when they discovered a keylogger that sent unsecured data to an open network server. Several months of observation have allowed them to see how criminals record typed characters and make screenshots of their victims’ screens.

This was possible because one of the members of the group accidentally installed the malware on their own computer. In this way, experts acquired the identity of those involved in the crime and also had insight into the amounts transferred and the names of the companies robbed.

Criminals’ activities differed slightly from traditional email phishing, which is used to impersonate legitimate contractors and to extort money. Fraudsters first collect public email addresses of businesses, and then infect their computers with malware. Once they had access to them, they looked at the mailboxes, identifying the customers or vendors with whom the affected company kept the contacts. They then intercepted emails by altering the data they posted on their own, and instead of the provider, the money was sent to the criminals’ accounts.

Patsy Freeman

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