Light and very fast helicopter from the sidewalk

Cheap in operation, fast, efficient and with excellent performance. The helicopter from Swidnik found military and civil use. The basic version allows you to transport four people at a distance of about 900 km.

The SW-4 has an aerodynamic hull, lightweight and multi-tasking. In addition to the pilot in the helicopter there is room for four passengers. The helicopter is allowed to move day and night according to the VFR guidelines.

The low maintenance and operating costs of the helicopter and easy handling have made the SW-4 one of the most popular private helicopters. The price of the basic version is from 750 thousand. Up to 1 million. zł. Puszczyka is designed for multitasking. The interior of the cab allows for quick changes and from a passenger vehicle it is easy to change it into a transport vehicle.

Currently, advanced unmanned work has been underway, which was ordered by the Italians as an armaments arrangement. The SW-4 is equipped with a Rolls-Royce 250 C20-R / 2 (SP) engine (336kW, 450shp, 457KM) turboshaft.

Patsy Freeman

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