Huawei has created a battery with a quick charge feature

The key element of many devices is the battery that ensures their operation. Most modern batteries are charged very long, so sometimes the unit is not usable for several hours. Huawei has, however, unveiled a new battery in which the charging time was significantly shortened.

The Chinese consortium boasted a significant breakthrough in this field, and during its Japan-held Battery Symposium, it announced that it had succeeded in creating a new type of rechargeable battery that takes up to 10 times less battery life than the batteries currently available on the market. On the other hand, charging up to 50 percent of capacity takes only a few minutes.

Huawei showed two prototypes of new batteries there. The first of them has a capacity of 3000 mAh, which up to 48% of the capacity is charged in 5 minutes. The second one is 600 mAh, and after two minutes it has 68 percent capacity.

If the batteries are on the market and will arrive at new smartphones, the first one, by plugging it into the charger for just five minutes, will receive an additional 10 hours of talk time. Although the battery is not as powerful to operate for several days, but significantly shorter charging time, it will improve the functionality of the new phone models. Just for a few minutes to connect to an electrical outlet, for example, in a cafe and we can continue to use the phone for many hours.

Huawei’s idea is not the only battery-charging technology. On the market are Quick Charge 3.0 system developed by Qualcomma, and USB Type C connector allows you to charge batteries much faster than the standard microUSB input.

Patsy Freeman

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