How to create the most popular tablet in the world

On the Internet, a video showing the different stages of Apple’s tablet production at the Foxconn Chinese factory was published. According to the opinion of the Western media, it treats staff critically but still thousands of Chinese dream of working on Apple devices.

The day at Foxconn’s factory lasts 11 hours and is usually monotonous, as regular employees are assigned to repetitive and monotonous tasks. However, for such work, you get a payoff of US $ 14.00 per day (add that a few years ago it was two times less). Therefore, to Shenzhen in southern China, thousands of young people are attracted to work on the iPad and other devices ordered by Foxconn by many well-known companies. The employer provides a place to sleep, as well as entertainment, such as sports fields. Already in Shenzhen alone, about 250,000 people are employed.

The iPad folding process begins with a machine pin to the motherboard of the special stapler device, which allows it to be replaced if something goes wrong during the test. Next, the disc and other components of the iPad are mounted by an employee in a casing. Interestingly, the battery is pressed into the device by a special press, but the display is assembled manually. Semi-automatic testing is also carried out on each device that is supposed to hit the store. The operation of the gyroscope is checked in a special machine, while the screen tests people.

Patsy Freeman

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