Ereader for musicians

Readers equipped with e-ink screens have so far been used primarily for fans of all sorts of literature, allowing for convenient reading of books. The Japanese company Terrada Music has developed a special model of this device, whose target customers are musicians.

The device called Gvido is not meant for displaying text, but for notation. In short, it was created for musicians who need to wear their scores with each other, and this is often very tedious, as it must be taken care not to get caught in the rain, not crushed or damaged in any other way.

Gvido has two 13.3 “screens in e-ink technology as well as 8 GB of internal memory that can be magnified with a microSD card. The digital music cards are overturned by a touch panel built into the device’s casing and it is also compatible with Wacom stylus. , So you can apply your own notes.

Patsy Freeman

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