Backpacks for carbon fiber travelers

Traveling around the world is a cool thing to do, but before we become globetrotters and begin to explore the world, first we have to take care of a spacious, comfortable and above all a lightweight backpack to carry our belongings. Kuiu has developed two models of such backpacks, which can make future travelers very much enjoy.

Large backpacks require a rack that reinforces their design and increases the payload, allowing you to pack more items in. However, if we are planning a multi-meter walk, we should remember that the rack weighs and increases the weight of the entire backpack.

But we will not have to worry about it when we buy Ultra or Icon, one of the two latest backpacks of the well-known Kuiu brand of trapezoidal equipment for which we load up to 68 kg of equipment. Both backpacks are ultra light, and the low weight key is carbon fiber, which is made up of a rack that weighs just 298 grams. The back cover is a 500D Cordura material that is waterproof and extremely durable.

The backpack is of course fully personalized, so you can easily swap pockets in it, allowing you to turn it from a backpack into a daily use, into luggage for long distance trips. Equipped with adjustable strap system for better weight distribution, which improves comfort. Backpacks do not come in contact with the middle part of our back, resting on the shoulders, hips and lower back. This ensures airflow and the backpack does not slide down.

Patsy Freeman

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